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just four thundershowers away from the victory parade. we'll tell you all about the preparations -- coming up. what about the rain for the
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giant victory parade and also for the trick or treaters tonight. it's time now for "mornings on 2." well come to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, october 31st. it's halloween. a million people are expected at the -- are expected at the giants' world series victory parade. this the staging area is at market and mission streets. it ends up at civic center plaza. it's filled with orange and black championship banners.
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the crowd is growing by the minute near civic center plaza. brian flores. >> reporter: you look ahead at civic center plaza, where, yes, it's early in the morning. the parade does not start until 11:00. fans are starting to make their claim to their spot here in the plaza. we talked to some people and some fans started to show up at 4:00 a.m. some showing up as far as the central valley just to get here. but just take a look at the scene here. you can see the world series championship banner. it's all over city hall. the stage is set for the
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players. and just all over the place. it's just orange and black balloons. many other buildings. they are showing up in droves. as you can see, a lot of people bringing chairs here, smart. because they will probably be sitting down for a while. in terms of the weather as
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well. well, this morning, b.a.r.t. trains are backed even more than usual. heading for information. two years ago at the last victory parade. more than a half million people rode b.a.r.t. to the parade. this year may set a new record. >> we're here at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. we noticed something. >> they said most people were getting on in richmond. most of these folks getting up at 4:00 a.m. to snag a spot on b.a.r.t.
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and many trains were packed. two years ago, during the first world series parade. b.a.r.t. officials say some of the machines broke down. >> which players in particular are you looking out for. now, mass transi are extending service. it's a good idea to take an earlier bus or train as those
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will get crowded. really packed. so definitely snag that spot and get out the door if you haven't already and you warrant to make that parade on time. you can watch the parade at and on our mobile apps. now to the continuing coverage of superstorm sandy. the death toll is along -- is among those on the east coast and the national guard is there as well. a gas station exploded in
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mantoloking. firefighters think the explosion resulted from monday's fire that destroyed 14 homes. however, firefighters have been unable to reach the scene as the roads are impassible. the town, which is about a mile east of trenton is under a mandatory evacuation because of sandy. well, take a look at what's left in breezy point, new york. we brought you -- we were covering this yesterday morning. entire blocks of homes and businesses. they were just destroyed by flames. monday night into tuesday morning. the last county, 111 homes burned to the ground and then the hurricane-force winds fanned those flames. well, later today, president obama will tour storm damage in new jersey while mitt romney lets -- gets back on the campaign trail. coming up for you at 7:15, how
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-- how sandy is affecting the presidential race and why one of mitt romney's prominent supporters is praising president obama. and at , you can get all of the later -- and at, you can get all of the information about sandy and how you can help the victims. >> they need a lot of help. >> yes. want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. it's gonna be a little different morning, i imagine because of the parade in san francisco. of course a lot more people, a lot of the b.a.r.t. lots are filling up quickly. so just make plans if you are still trying to get to the city. maybe you can get a friend or take the bus to the b.a.r.t. station. we have more people getting in through. i had a friend of mine say, what's going on? why are all of these people going into the city. then i told them why and i told them it would be a bigger
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backup than usual. this morn's commute is gonna be moving along fine getting to the oakland airport. contra costa county, westbound highway 4. a lot of slow traffic here, also 680 between pleasant hill and walnut creek. sal, twitter is just alive, the parking lot is full. >> we do have cloudy skies, our system is on its way. i think it gets here later than sooner. if we're in the north bay, take the trick or treaters out early. i think the system will slow down. there's been some drizzle. i think that will let up and it will be mild. near 60 degrees. our system is trying to work its way in. it pushed in a lot of low clouds. some drizzle but the rain is really moving slowly. why? because there's this big system in the east. this is our cloud and rain forecast. personally, i think it's too fast. i'll be honest with you. the system comes into the north
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bay by 6:00 tonight. and then maybe, maybe. but i think it's slower than that. it will be with us overnight into thursday morning. it will weaken maybe an inch of rain to an inch and a half. sandy is barely moving. until that moves, our system has no place to go. you can see the system there, southeast or east-southeast. the wind will pick up, cell phone city says rain after that. ukiah says cloudy, it's getting closer to the north coast. but it's moving really slow. if you can plan the trick or treaters, do it. we'll take this into thursday morning and we kick it out of here. it will be sunny and warmer
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after some light and morning fog. campaign drama in the south bay. the accusations that led to a confrontation caught on tape. and how some customers reacted when they reacted who was serving up their fast food.
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highs today will be in the 60s. very mild. giants very cloudy near 60. it's 7:13. less than a week before election day, and president obama is missing another day on the campaign trail. as alison burns report, this team is learning thousand balance the final election push with his role as commander-in- chief. allison -- alison sh. >> reporter: we just received
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the president's official schedule from the white house. he will resume training tomorrow in wisconsin, nevada and colorado. in about two hours, he travels to new jersey. he will be visiting the -- looking at the storm damage in atlantic city where the boardwalk is wiped out, homes are destroyed and residents are without power. the president will be with chris christie and he's bringing assurances he's ordered federal agencies to help. >> i want you to cut through red tape and bureau kracy. there's no excuse for inaction -- bureaucracy. there's no excuse for inaction at this point. >> reporter: meanwhile, mitt romney who turned one of his ohio rallies into a donation event for storm -- for storm victims, has a bigger challenge trying to find a role for
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himself. >> i've had a chance to talk to others. we'll have live coverage during my next update. right now the president, the new poll shows, is holding onto slim leads. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:14. the white house is canceling this clear's -- this year's halloween celebration because of president obama's trip to new jersey. usually the first family invites children. here's video of the president and first lady handing out kanding in 2009. president obama did not wear a costume. a record number of gay candidates are running for congress. eight openly gay candidates are in the race. several will make history if they are elected. including the first openly gay asian-american. the first bisexual member of
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congress. the first openly senator. back at home, a city council race has turned ugly. and a confrontation that was caught on tape. supporters of jimmy wynn accused the husband of rose herrera of stealing their lawn signs. they say they have video of this and doing it again yesterday and on sunday. both sides accuse the other of doing it after a confrontation yesterday morning. [bleep] >> who the [bleep] are you? >> get away from me. get away from me [bleep] >> now, wynn supporters say herrera husband threatened him with a knife. he said he made threats but he did it after he was pushed to the ground. the police are conducting an investigation. the death toll continues to
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rise from the fun -- for the fungal -- meningitis outbreak. 363 people in 19 states have gotten sick. the steroid was supplied by the new england compounding center outside of boston. the city of la fayette is planning to revoke the business license of pacifico massage parlor. 24 decision came after a woman was arrested for prostitution yesterday. they've already closed three businesses following allegations of prostitution activity. the city passed a law in may including all be certified with the therapy council. two former students are seeking $30 million in damages over an alleged sex abuse scandal.
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the contra costa times reports two women have filed claims and three former administrators. they say they were molested as children by daniel witter's back in the 1990s. they accuse administrators of not acting despite previous complaints alleging they were also sexually abused by witters. meantime, the trial starts today for a san jose elementary school principal accused of not reporting a case of sexual abuse by a teacher. ob principal -- the prosecutors say the principal was mandated to call the police after a child reported questionable behavior by a teacher, chandler. and then three days later, chandler was arrested after another child reported an incident of molestation. the quality of san francisco streets could improve. the most recent improve on
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street quality shows roads get a store of 64 out of a possible 100. that puts them in the fair category. a bond measure is now providing 65 million a year to upgrade the states -- streets. the. san francisco supervisors are addressing a noise problem. they are proposing a prohibition of other businesses opening in that area. 7:19. taco bell made good on a promise to give away free tacos. that's all because of angel pagan and the giants and the base he stole in game two of the game. >> can i take your order? >> yes! >> he really scored with the
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fans. he was taking orders and serving up tacos yesterday in redwood city. there was one free taco for every customer willing to wait in line. taco bell promised free tacos if a player stole a base during the world series. >> my agent called me and told me it was very important because i just won free tacos for everybody in the united states. i feel happy. >> yeah, those tacos normally cost about $1.29. taco bell estimates they gave out millions of them yesterday. >> a lot of happy fans there. a rain storm is on the way. will trick or treaters get wet? meteorologist steve paulson is tracking the system and persistenting where the rain will hit.
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good morning. if you are driving in parts of the bay area, you are seeing a little bit of orange and black traffic jam. we'll tell you more about this straight ahead.
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one company accused of making money after the hurricane sandy disaster. the company american apparel sent an e-mail to east coast shoppers monday night offering 20% off their -- off their products in case they were bored during the storm.
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all ten subways are flooded in new york city. new york's subways may be closed for several days thanks to hurricane sandy. in addition to -- in addition to flooding, the south ferry station was covered with water up to the ceiling. new york's governor says they must clean and disinfect everything that got wet. there are thousands and thousands of people using those systems every day. >> incredible pictures. sal is back. you are watching the entire bay area but i know you are watching highway 101. >> yeah, we are. there is a lot of people coming in. the -- look at all of that traffic coming in from novato, san rafael, marin county and oh, by the way this is core lated with a huge giants' fan
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base living in this area. of course on halloween, we also see a different thing going on. parents want to get home early. this is something we see every year, parade or not. the metering lights are on. if you are driving in contra costa county highway 24, highway 4, highway 680, they are all getting pretty busy now. it's not going to rise tonight. i know it started to rain. up in crescent city there could be rain. it's very mild. drizzle i think will be ending. cloudy to mostly cloudy. nothing has changed on this forecast. our system is really coming along. it's running into too much resistant. best advice on the trick or treaters if you are to the
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north, go early. i think south and east it will be okay. sandy, what was the last of sandy is still barely moving. how can our system move in and by the way, i just tweeted it out, a water vapor image from evolutions to -- to the -- to the beginning to the end. this really shows how feat that system was. 50s and 60s on the temperatures really mild. main on the -- rain on the north coast. mostly cloudy, drizzle. late rain comes in tonight. i think north way first and for everybody else --ly have updated information in five, ten minutes if you can wait that long. after thursday it looks good. >> it is 7:26. we're counting down to a giants' celebration in san francisco. [ cheers ]
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and gearing up for the big day the namous names that -- the famous names that will take part in the parade. >> reporter: we're live where there is a big push to help storm victims. we'll tell you what you can to -- what you can do to help when "mornings on 2"
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downtown san francisco will be covered in ticker tape later today for the second time in three years. >> reporter: this is one block. you can see some of the -- this this -- in this parade -- you cannot get in here unless you are part of the parade. it's been really, really busy. the only thing they are letting through are the buses.
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fans were lining streets trying to get a good spot. a lot of people we talked to said they were trying to get down to the civic center plaza where all of the speeches will be made. this year a couple of them said we just want to get up close to these players. >> just get a good look at them. >> we want to see crawford. >> i know he's married but we thought we might have a chance. you are taking a look at video from the parade in 2010 when it went from the financial district down to the civic center. as far as who will be in the parade, we have it will start with the sfpd mounted unit,
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lieutenant-governor, former mayors, willie brown and then we have about 70 -- well, maybe 68 entries and then this will be round out at the very end, the at&t park. a live look at main and mission. the event staff are in place trying to make this happen. you have sfpd out here making sure everyone behaves and follows the media. you got the cars coming through here. it's gotten very, very busy but to be perfectly honest since we've been out there. 7:32. the wireless companies are also getting ready for the big crowds. at&t and verizon, both adding
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temporarily wireless towers along the parade route and city hall. they wouldn't prevent a repeat of the world series parade where people koontz make calls because the network was jammed if i can't be at the parade in person, you can watch it right here on ktvu. our coverage begins at 10:30 this morning both on air and you can also watch it live on our mobile apps. 7:33. george gascon warns the city will come down hard against any unruly behavior. >> we want people to come and celebrate. we want to have fun. we just want to make sure in the process of having fun. we do not damage property. we do not hurt anyone. the city police arrested three dozen people sunday night. two dozen for felonies. this is, of course, after the giants won the world series, nine suspects are expected to be arraigned this afternoon. charges range from firing a gun
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to assaulting an officer. 7:33. in our continuing coverage of the devastation of hurricane sandy, the death toll has hit 57. i want to show you some damage in bayhead, new jersey. we can also tell you that new jersey governor, chris christie, says the devastation all along the jersey shore is unthinkable. seaside heights walk in the ocean. floodwaters have picked up carried rail cars on the new jers turnpike. president obama will be there today. he says the federal government is there and will help the jersey area and that whole area recover from the super storm.
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janine de la vega -- you just got off the phone with an update on relief efforts? >> reporter: a red cross spokes bomb just -- spokeswoman just told me that they are leaving today. those staying behind are encouraging people to donate blood because of the great need. the severe storm caused three dozen blood drives to be canceled. the red cross reports those cancellations -- a shortage of 9,000 units across 14 states. all blood types are needed, especially 0-positive, 0- negative, a-negative and b- negative. >> in a situation like this, when you've got people who are in. >> injured, we -- injured, we -- who are injured, we absolutely need more blood. so i would encourage people to
7:36 am
please go out and donate. >> reporter: the local red cross had people providing relief efforts on the red cross. they will be assisting victims in new jersey, new york and pennsylvanias. if you would like to donate money, you can text red cross to 90999 and that gives a $10 donation to the agency or if you would like to schedule a blood donation you can call 1- 800-red cross and back out here live, starting at 11:30 a.m. there will be a drive here on north first street t will go on until 6:0 at night. at our website you can get the latest information on sandy and more information where you -- more information on how you can help. >> and that's important, tori. 7:36. let's check in with sal.
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what's happening on the east shore. it's cre crowded today. we definitely have seen the effect of about a million people who normally would not be in the city going there. and the weather is a little bit -- well, it's a little bit drizzly so people are slowing down and the third factor that happens every year. they want to get their work done and get back home early for trick or treating. this is all coming together in kind of a traffic trifecta. bay bridge toll plaza it's backed up at 580 and 80. it's about a 45-minute tee lay at the very least coming into san francisco. 6 0 from walnut creek dune to alamo is a little bit slow. the livermore valley, another bad day coming in off the altamont pass. 7:37. just remember, the trick or
7:38 am
treaters, i'm only the manager. there's rain on the north coast. if you are on the -- if you are in the north bay, i think for most of the blair bay area, it won't come in late tonight. it's a really close call. updated information should be here any second. not a problem. it will be cloudy. the drizzle should end here mountain city. under mostly cloudy skies. starting the -- starting to rain in crescent city. our system, i mean, seriously, i mean it doesn't move. it doesn't move. there's a big system downstream. our computer model forecast, i think it's too fast. it comes into the north bay. mike morrison said what do i tell my kids. again, plan earlier if you can. i think this comes in later than this. i think it's slowing down and stalling out by 9:00 tonight.
7:39 am
maybe we'll get it closer. we already had the drizzle. the system will be to the south. here is the reason why everybody slows down. it's just still massive what's left of hurricane sandy. it's hardly moving. until this moves how did our system move? our system will eventually get here. that slows it down and weakens it. it will make it. it will give us some rain. it's just beginning on the north coast. it's starting to inch closer to cape mendocino. 60 and 70s. this is the trickiest of all forecasts out there. mostly cloudy. >> rain to the north. drizzle to the -- driz. to the coast. it's out of here on friday. it looks good, warmer. but there will be night and
7:40 am
warming fog. it will take weeks to tally up all -- it will take weeks to damage up all of the damage -- all of this damage -- it will take weeks to clean up all of this damage.
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the city is slowly getting back to normal after getting pummeled by hurricane sandy. the new york stock exchange reopened today. the exchange is running on
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backup generators since power is nonexistent. a lot of traders are having a tough time getting to work with the subways closed. this is a picture of the nasdaq and you can see there, some of the numbers there slightly down, the nasdaq is down, just a little bit, .4% down off 13. the dow, however, is up right now, up 29 and the search is also up 1. well, it could be -- and the s&p is up 1. well it could be days until there is a cost associated with the damage. some expert says, $20 billion with another $30 billion in lost business. but the housing sector could fuel -- could actually benefit from the storm as people spend money to repair or upgrade
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their property. >> reporter: this is on the delaware bay here, they were very hard hit. the road is still full of mud and debris. you can see when the water rushed in here, it came with such force and pressure, it actually washed that house off the foundation. there's other homes where the back walls where. if we follow it around, you can see how much debris there is on the ground. it's not the best place to walk with big pieces of 2 x 4s and then as you look further down the street, you can see the power poles leaning at very precarious angles and crews are out doing cleanup work this morning. there's so much danned and -- so much sand and debris they brought in front loaders, getting through here has been very difficult -- residents have been starting to come out, take a look at the damage,
7:45 am
assess how bad it is and what needs to be done. they tell us this is by far the worst storm they've ever had in this area. and it certainly exceeded people and expectations. they had some evacuation orders. we understand that one elderly couple needed to be rescued. but amazingly it doesn't seem like anyone in this area was injured or killed. 7:44. in virginia and investigation until the bollings of three houses. police say pipe bombs were planted at two homes in stafford county and then a house in fredricksburg yesterday morning. the houses were damaged but luckily nobody was hurt. police say the homes were targeted and the cases are connected. 7:45. the idea of early voting seems to be catching on. in santa clara county, more than 169,000 people have already voted ahead of next
7:46 am
tuesday's election. michael yost is a navy helicopter pilot. he's voting early because he will not be here. he is more committed than ever to make sure he votes. >> reporter: after seeing the iraqi people under a lot stricter ps and you death theys that they would still turn out to the polls in droves, it would be very hypocritical of me not to show up to my own country's polls. today, a superior -- a superior court judge in sacramento will be -- will make her -- must -- yesterday, the jim -- yesterday, the judge sided with the fair political practices collision. the collision wants to know the names behind the commissions.
7:47 am
the ballot measure aimed at forbidding unions from collecting dues for political purposes. hospital officials will give us the very latest on the 25-year-old surfer attacked by a shark off the coast of eureka. it happened yesterday in humboldt county. you can see what's left of the surfboard. that big chunk missing. the engine surfer actually made it to shore despite having a 14- inch bite wound. he had surgery. he's expected to live. well, there's growing concern this morning about aggressive ra toons at san francisco's palace of the nine arts -- raccoons at san francisco's palace of the fine arts. that prompted city workers to put up signs warning people stay away from the animals. >> every time i walk by the sign, i think what would i do?
7:48 am
am guy that be fast enough to grab my kids and get them out of the way. >> the city workers say raccoons may be trying to protect their area from intruders.
7:49 am
disney plans to release tree more star wars movies -- release three more "star war movies." lucas will be a creative consultant on the movies. 7:49. a lot of halloween events going on all day today because it is halloween. starting this morning at 9:0, the children's museum in berkeley will hold their not-
7:50 am
too-spooky halloween event and then at 3:30, there will be a teen halloween party and then at 4:0, the safe halloween block party will be held in oak. law enforcement will be busy today making sure kids are safe with a state-wide protection operation. it's the 19th year that parole agents have used "operation boo." offenders have to obey a 5:00 p.m. to five a.m. curfew. they are not allowed to pass out candy and they will be monitored by gps units. transient sex offenders have to report to curfew centers. in san jose emergency workers will be passing out neon bracelets that say, be safe, be seen. now, the cdc says fatal accidents are four times more likely for kids on halloween than any other night.
7:51 am
ten minutes before 8:00, a uc berkeley fa fraternity is apologizing after halloween decorations offended some students. they placed -- the frat house placed a hanging zombie. but some people said it resembled a linchpin. uc berkeley and city leaders are reminding people this week's cal game could make it harered -- harder to get around on friday night. that's because the golden bears are hosting washington. the school has set up free shuttle buses and the city is encouraging everyone to use public transit on friday to cut down on the number of cars in the area. 7:51. hurricane sandy, still affecting millions of people who are without power because trees fell down and knocked
7:52 am
down power lines. well we'll you what it looks -- we'll show you what it looks like when one of those trees go down.
7:53 am
this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools...
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every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. uh-ho! look at that. this happened in a backyard on the northshore of long island, new york. luckily, no one was hurt. >> that's amazing video. it is 7:54. bay area sutter hospital nurses will make picket signs today for tomorrow's big strike. 3200 nurses will walk off the job from seven hospitals in alameda, contra costa and solano counties. the hospitals will remain open and will higher replacement nurses. the one-day strike is over a contract dispute. in overnight news for a
7:55 am
scary trucker in marin. he told ktvu he was driving his truck north of 101 when he went up the embankment and through a fence in novato. this was about a quarter after midnight near atherton avenue. sal is back and what's happening at the toll plaza? >> well, there's a lot of people trying to get into san francisco dave and tori and i also got a call from one of our photographers. they fold me that -- that all of the trains coming through there are packed. absolutely jam packed just like two years ago. a lot of people are getting into san francisco. if you have to get there for
7:56 am
work, be -- be patient. there's about a 45-minute backup. and then there's rain, drizzle we'll ask steve. it's windshield wiper weather. and livermore valley traffic very slow traffic. it's heinous coming out of tracy. >> 7:55. let's go to steve. the real rain, the real stuff on the north coast. steven dunlap up in fort bragg said starting to rain here very light. not for the parade -- there's been some drizzle but i think that will lift. it will be cloudy to mostly cloudy. we're waiting for the system to come in. it is really mild. the system is running into a wall back -- back on east coast. the remains -- it remains an area of low pressure.
7:57 am
we're still showers away. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. mostly cloudy skies. our system looks good. it has a lot of moisture with it. but when you see them go north, south to north. that tells me it is slowing down a little bit. it will make it. it's just taking its time. there you can see the radar picking up. cape mendocinop it's there. it's on way. mostly cloudy, drizzle, light rain, os, 70s. i think south bay trick or treaters are fine. it's the north bay i'm concerned about. the earlier you go, the better. the system could bring rain to the north bay by this evening. other areas might wait until 9:00. sunny and warmer weather for the weekend. >> all right. looking forward to that weekend. thank you, steve. the garden state, ripped apart and flooded. the map mental rebuilding
7:58 am
effort -- monumental rebuilding needed. >> reporter: it's a sea of orange and black here as fans get ready for the big victory parade. headquarter [ cheers ] >> reporter: we're live in oakland where b.a.r.t. could break the all-time level.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, october 31st. we're now just three hours away from the start of the giants world series parade in san francisco. now, we have live team coverage for you this morning. we're looking at every single angle, including mass transit which is packed. let's start with brian flores at civic center plaza. how are you doing? >> how are you? >> ye the countdown has begun. take a look behind me. what a difference just a few hours makes. we're live here at civic center plaza. it's a sea of orange and black. fans have been out here as early as 3:00 in the morning. take a look around. you can see the world championship series are on city hall. there's orange and black
8:01 am
balloons on lamp posts everywhere. we talked 0 some fans. some drove as far as boise, idaho to be here. >> we don't know where we are going either. >> it looks pretty good. >> reporter: no question about that. it's starting to get packed out here in civic center plaza right now. >> it was a little drizzly.
8:02 am
now, that's not the case and it's definitely not dampenge the mood here for fans. giants' fans head to san francisco along with -- along with regular computers -- commuters. the transit agency has made some changes after learning lessons from the 2010 giants celebration. tara moriarty joins us live from west oakland to let us know what some of the lessons were. good morning, tara. we have seen some pretty -- they've been clad in their halloween costumes, ready to go. but we were up on the platforms just a short time ago. a lot of folks have some trouble getting on board because these trains are so backed -- are so packed. we're here where passengers have said they are coming in from richmond pin nome and bay
8:03 am
point. most of these folks got of you -- got up before the crack of dawn. some of them did buy their tickets in advance. b.a.r.t. officials say some of the finance broke down because they were so full of money. this year they've emptied the machines and will have cash only tables. >> i have my orange dress on. >> the giants are so good. i'm born and raised in philadelphia. now i'm a giants' fan. >> reporter: a.c. transit, caltrain and golden gate transit have extended morning service. fans talked to say they don't know how they will get a spot on market street. it's already filling up. but this -- but they will try
8:04 am
to catch a names of their favorite team. >> thank you, tara. >> ktvu will have complete coverage of the parade from beginning to the end. mark ibanez and gasia mikaelian will be here. heather homes and ken wayne will be at the plaza. and our coverage starts at 10:30 this morning, both on air and at you can watch it live on our mobile app. >> 8:04. later on today, new jersey's governor will show president obama firsthand the superstorm damage in new jersey. the president will see boats that have washed up on homes, seaside homes washed right off their foundations. famous boardwalk is now gone. the seaside amusement park rides, they were just washed away in the ocean. sandy is responsible for at -- for at least six deaths in new
8:05 am
jersey. the power outages are still numbering into the millions and they are making some progress there. take a look at what's left after that raging fire in breezy point queens new york. we told you about this yesterday morning. entire blocks of houses and businesses destroyed by flames in parts of the rockaway  peninsula, 111 houses burned to the ground and the -- burned to the ground. flights at j.f.k. airport in new york are set to resume in about an hour. trucks are still pumping water from the airfield at new york's la guardia airport. so la guardia is not quite ready. but newark international in new jersey opened around 4:00 this morning. ktvu has learned some flights willp -- will -- some flights
8:06 am
will depart from there but not a lot of planes comes in -- coming in. the faa's website says to expect flight delays delayed -- delayed here. mitt romney is set to appear at his first campaign event since the storm. this is a live picture out of tampa, florida. a live rally. coming up at 8:5, why one of mitt romney's most promny stent supporters is now praising president obama. >> 8:06. inmates at san quentin prison on a lockdown because at least two interminutes have -- have problems. the last time there was a
8:07 am
medical lockdown in san quentin in march of last year. the death of an inmate at the contra costa county jail some being investigated this morning. sheriff deputies say they tased an inmate after they tried to -- and he tried to fight him and then he was placed in a safety cell and examined by medical saf. he -- staff. he was found unresponsive two hours later. we don't know the inmate's name. deputies say he was brought into the jail by police from pin nome. a.m. sheriff's department is still searching for a 19-year-old. this is isaac bower. he suffers from schizophrenia and depression and he doesn't have toys medication. it is 8:07. we want to neck with in this
8:08 am
with sal. >> i'm sure it's getting ready. is -- ready and pretty -- it's getting busy on the ol. >> yes. this is market street new reform -- -- this is the market street. you can see all of these people are down here. we'll be all over the place. we have reporters in arlot the -- in a lot of different spots to cover this parade very, very well. i've seen the preparations here. you will enjoy waking it here and you can watch it on we're two that start streaming it. there's some san francisco police officers there. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. p big delay also on 80ened a 580. b.a.r.t. trains are packed getting into
8:09 am
the city. it's been slow coming out of the valley. it's been slow from 680 to walnut creek and 24 westbound. the timing on drizzle, i can't give you that. but i can on rain. the drizzle should let up around 10:00, 11:00 and then the rain comes in this evening. overall, cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. our system is up here. it's kind of going south to north and slowing down considerably. it is beginning to move inland. except for the drizzle, mild conditions. i think the drizzle will end an it's a good thing it's not late
8:10 am
tide. this is our cloud and rain forecast. i think it's a little quick. if you are the -- if you have the trick or treater, go earlier. the earlier you go for the north bay, the better -- the better. eventually it will make it and then by tomorrow morning you will see that system sweep to the south. and then i think it will be done. >> still sandier the remains of what were ark sunday. this is a -- still sandy, the remains of what came on sunday. the wave came off afterpry cau, came to the caribbean and came on up and went through october 29th. the history is one for the
8:11 am
books, i tellia. >> you can see the yellow, the heavier. that's what's starting to -- starting to move on to the north -- the north coast. this is the toughest forecast, especially to the north. gyp, if earlier in you can. there will be -- again, get there if you can earlier.
8:12 am
former student suing a bay area school district for millions. what they claim happened years ago and why they want the school district to pay up. and a bargain or a bust? what ktvu uncovered about outlet stores and why they may not be such a great deal afterall.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
president obama is dealing with the disaster less than a week from the election day. >> reporter: president obama is making a surprise stop at the federal management -- managegement agency here in washington, d.c. no errorert were allowed in -- no errorrers were allowed in with him. we're -- reporters were allowed in with him. mitt romney is holding a rally. a new poll shows the race is a dead heat in florida. romney turned and event in ohio yesterday into a donation collection into storm victims. this is going to be the first designated campaign event since
8:16 am
sandy hit. president obama will be touring the storm damage with chris christie ta. one of mitt romney's major boosters. christie is causing some angst for the campaign this week for the praise for the president. >> he's been outstanding on this. >> reporter: tomorrow, the president heads to colorado, nevada, wisconsin. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, alison. the white house canceled this year's halloween celebration because the president is traveling to new jersey. mrs. obama was dressed up like a leopard. president obama was dressed up like -- well, president obama. 8:16. fremont police are warning women about a suspicious man.
8:17 am
a 20-year-old woman says a man at the park tried to lure her into his car around 10:15 saturday night. she says the man harassed her and put his armed around her. in santa -- in santa clara a bank robbery suspect holed up to an apartment for more than six hours has been arrested. the standoff began yesterday afternoon near saratoga avenue. the man surrendered around 10:00 last night. he's suspected of robbing a bank earlier in the day in san jose. 8:17. rescue teams are scaling back to search for a southern california man still missing in the sierra nevada. larry conn left for what was supposed to be a three-day backpacking trip in the national forest. so far no clues have shown up
8:18 am
where he should be. helicopter searches continue -- will continue. ithe city gave the green light to make over pete's harbor. there was a unanimous vote last night that includes more than 400 new apartment unis at -- units at the marina. those living in rvs and on their bows, $700 or less, they have to find a new place to live. >> you can't beat the rent. we did this to try tut for a few years, seven years. >> reporter: now, they say they knew the property was gonna be
8:19 am
changed. two former students in the moraga school district are seeking $30 million otherrary sex abuse scandal. the -- $30 million over a sex abuse scandal. they accuse administrators of failing to act alleging they were also sexually abused by witters. a san jose elementary school -- prosecutors say former -- say the former prince pass was required to contact -- principal was required to contact police after a student came forward about molestation from a student from chandler.
8:20 am
8:19 a sting operation yesterday in la fayette. the police arrested a woman suspected of prostitution at the pacifico -- pacifico massage parer. the woman arrested was 31 years old. now, they've already closed three massage businesses after allegations of prostitution. the city passed a law requiring that all massage practitioners be certificate fid with the counsel. shoppers flock to outlet stores. there's been a change recently. it's not good for consumers. just five years ago. high-end retailers used to their outlet stores as a way to sell off a glut of quality items. >> it would be rare to find a
8:21 am
really, you know, super-huge baggen in an outlet mall today like you did five years ago. that's because retailers send much of their top of the line merchandise to outlets. so while the price is lower. the quality is often lower as well. 8:20. a new development in that spending scandal surrounding the port of oakland. port executives claim a big tab at a strip club was for entertaining clients. what -- what those alleged clients are now saying. we have a lot of throw traffic right through here getting into the west valley.
8:22 am
8:23 am
when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.
8:24 am
there is a new development involving a growing scandal at the port of oakland. a ktvu investigation first raised questions about business executives including charging the public $4500 for a night at a houston strip club. port executives claim they were entertaining clients. but those supposed clients say port officials lied. an executive with hyundai merchant marine say their travel records show no hyundai employees were in houston at
8:25 am
the time. the biggest lesson, is that you are naked. in today's world of technology, immediate fast access information it just makes no sense the -- makes no sense in the world to lie because the world is transparent. >> point officials say they are conducting an -- port officials say they are conducting an investigation into this. >> let's check in with sal. a lot of people have been joined by people who normally would not be driving or getting around the bay area today. really it's had an impact on everything. let's go to the bridges first. you will see slow traffic. looking pretty slow. whether a 40-minute delay. a lot of slow traffic coming in from the richmond san rafael bridge. let's talk about the east shore
8:26 am
freeway, it's been slow and head steady all the way into richmond and berkeley. marin county really is very, very slow. much slower than usual. much deeper than usual. many of these spots getting into san francisco. northbound 101 is backed up to candlestick park to the downtown area. just a lot of people driving is not recommended. if you are to drive just know you are dealing with a lot of slow traffic out there. thank you, sir. a lot going on. a lot of questions today and rightfully so. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. our system is inching closer. there's rain up to the north, crescent city, for us, not yet. good looking -- good looking
8:27 am
system. cloudy, the drizzle should be ending. our system is -- you can see the rain line moving. not even in mendocino county yet. i think it's this evening for the north bay and then later this evening and then later into tonight. 60s on the temperatures or 70s. right now you can see 50s and 60s. really mild air mass. in the north, go early. the city is getting ready for the victory parade. we're gonna go live to the fans where they got an early start. >> reporter: we're live here in san francisco where a lot of fans are already lining the streets. take a look. a lot of activity down here as they get everything in place for this parade today. we'll show you the players' crowds when "mornings on 2" comes back. )rnq ?o
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. :29. well, the anticipation leading up to the victory parade is glowing by the mind. a million people are expected at the big parade. we have live team coverage for you. we have tara, we've got claudine. we're gonna start with claudine wong. you are there along the parade route. take us there. >> well, we're in one of the staging areas. the one that everyone is looking at. if you take a look down the road. you can see the cable cars and in between the cable cars, you have some lexuses and those are convertibles. those -- the players will climb in those and make their way
8:31 am
down the street. here's marco scutaro, barry zito. they will be coming -- coming and climbing in the cars an make their way down to market street. we've got a camera street near montgomery that can show you how many people are already lining streets getting ready to watch the parade. we've seen people out there this morning very, very early even before the sun came -- who came up. we also this morning talked to one of the people in charge getting all of the floats ready to go. they are ready but they didn't have much time. >> when they got in the world series, we said we're here and ready to go. they called us after game one
8:32 am
and gave as you stand by and after game two, they said it again and then after game three, they said you better get building. >> this is where bruce bochy will be taking a seat. then if we pan all the way down the street. that's the world series trophy. a lot of traffic there. folks get ready for this parade. really along every single street here, they have folks lining up. the players will be about 70 entries in. but certainly no one is moving until they see their favorite, favorite come down the street. it will an big day. it gets underway at 11:00. we have cameras positioned all
8:33 am
over. live here in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. b.a.r.t. trains are already overflowing with passengers. even though all available trains are on righting, tara moriarty is live in west oakland to let us know fans are errorring some problems? >> reporter: well, these trains are packed. you can see that everyone is lining up to get their tickets. it's hard to get on board here because they have been filling up back in richmond. orange and black clad fans started to trickle in early this morning and some of them did buy their tickets. that's because two years ago, some machines shut down because they were too full of money. for many high-hards this is another chance to be part -- to be part of his -- history.
8:34 am
there's already like the first few rows of the streets. i'm assuming, it will be a little crazy. >> it looks like it will be misty. >> i can change my coat to weatherproof which is good. i'm read yay. >> giant fans, going as a little girl with my grandfather and my grandmother was an avid giant' fan and she passed away in february. i'm wearing her wedding ring around her neck. i know she was there and i feel there was a little heavenly intervention there. >> reporter: extra b.a.r.t. trains will be running this morning. they've also extended morning peak service. go giants? >> reporter: that's right, tara. a lot of people feeling that way trying to get into the city. a lot of spirit but a lot of traffic and congestion. already a -- already a lot of
8:35 am
people there. our photographers and crews have said they started to close some of the crossings and market street. remember, officially at 9:30. they will not let you close market street. they have provisions for emergency vehicles. but these crosss, these crosss will be crossed. as you can see there are a lot of people lining up here. this is a live picture of these fans. it's gonna be this way all the way up market street. the b.a.r.t. trains are crowded. have fun, guys, but be safe. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've had 30 to 45-minute delays. just getting word. up some dash of some flight delay -- delays at san francisco airport. two-however delays -- two-hour delays. i want to mention our coverage. let me mention the east shore
8:36 am
freeway. very slow and in marin county it's been backed up from near the atherton avenue exit all the way to san rafael. i want to mention our coverage. ktvu will have complete coverage from beginning to end. mark ibanez and gasia will be here. heather holmes and ken wayne will be at civic center mazda. we'll have camera -- plaza. we'll have cameras there. i i will be here to help you get around san francisco and lit you know what's going on. at 8:3 -- by the way, today's parade starts at 10:30 a.m. it will be streaming live at in case you are at the office, you can sneak a peek while your boss is not looking. let's go to steve. that would never happen. >> no. we do have cloudy skies. there's been some drizzle on the coast in the city. the north way to the south bay. but overall, very mild.
8:37 am
we have a low cloud deck. i think the drizzle will end here pretty soon. if you are looking for a window of opportunity today. around 10:00 to 4:00, it should be dry. it's still not made it into most of mendocino county, by 3:00 it starts to move in. i think that's a little quick. i think it comes in slower. here's by tonight. 7:00. it will be in the north bay. and then by 10:00 it finally makes it to the south bay. and then overnight it will drive south and then this time tomorrow we'llen bringing -- it's in the 50s in tahoe and truckee. this system won't too much until maybe early tomorrow morning. the rain line is trying but it
8:38 am
will go parallel to the coast. you can see right around fort bragg, just beginning to show up there. if it's not here yet, we still have a long way to go. 60s, on the coast. this is the tiffest forecast. can't win on this un. butwell's try. north bay, the earlier, the better. everywhere else i think you are okay. we kick the system out of here by thursday and friday looks good and then by sunday, we could have 80s here for higher temperatures. >> are you kidding me? >> i just told tori and dave, there are signs -- there are signs of a cold, cold system. the pope is offering prayers
8:39 am
for superstorm sandy. sandy-- from -- the pope is -- the pope is offering prayers for superstorm sandy victims.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
michael bloomberg reopening the new york stock exchange. that's after two unscheduled days off because of the storm. it was the first time in 124 years. the exchange had to be shut down for two straight days due weather. dozens of quarterly earnings reports had been postponed because of the storm will be arriving over the next two days. traders -- the government does say despite the storm it will be able to release the much- anticipated october employment on friday. right now, the dow is up just a little bit less slightly less than $1. the nasdaq is down 12. s&p is also down about one. fears that hurricane sandy would send east coast gas prices were overblown.
8:43 am
>> they say it could fall as much as a dime in the coming week. we are on superstorm. the states that got the worst of it -- that got the worst of it and jennifer davis is live to show us some of the worst damage. >> reporter: it's extreme up and down the coast. the loss for some people and their families is something to see. >> reporter: when the water came in, it came with such force and pressure, itial tie -- it actually washed the house off the foundation. even as boats are out assessing the extent of the damage in this area, crews are already starting the cloneup as well as they take the first step on what it likely to be a long
8:44 am
road to recovery. new jersey residents dealing with what sandy left behind. letting the amount of damage done by the storm finally sick in. >> it blew a couple of things back and forthbut for us to be flooded out of the homes, families, elderly people, president obama heading for the garden state to get a first- hand view of the devastation. he and governor chris christie will tour parts of the jersey shore hit hardest by sandy. there are small signs of progress, the new york stock exchange, the longest it's been closed since 1888. even pope benedict xvi. >> the hurricane has affected the east coast of the united states of america, i offer my prayers for the victims.
8:45 am
>> reporter: back here live you can see the front loaders down there at the end of this very muddy debris-strewn street. you can see the power lines leaning down that work to -- that work of repair is likely to take longer. it's estimated that given the damage up and down the east coast. this could end being one of the costliest storms in history. 8:44. let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories. this is a live picture, mitt romney is right now in tampa, florida. holding his first campaign event since sandy hit. in the meantime, president obama stopped off at the fema headquarters in washington, d.c. a little while ago. he will see firsthand the damage from the super storm. >> here at home, giants fans are packing b.a.r.t. trains, heading to san francisco wor the -- for the
8:46 am
world series victory parade. in west oakland at the b.a.r.t. station people had trouble getting on because those trains were crammed. muni adding more trains and extra ferries are running to the golden gate district. and we have this -- giant fans already cramming into the civic center plaza. brian flores has been out there all morning. he's back now. tell us more about what's happening around you, brian. >> reporter: well, a lot of those fans getting off the b.a.r.t. trains are heading here. you can see behind me, i've been here all morning, the crowd is definitely piling up. the parade does not start until about 11:00. our coverage doesn't start until about 10:30. now, from what we shot earlier today, we talked to some people, some fans started showing up as early as 3:00.
8:47 am
you can see the world series banners. the stage is set for the players and there is just orange and black balloons. there's many other buildings that were lit up as well. as we mentioned, fans are just excited to be here and they are starting to show up here at the civic center plaza and throughout the parade route. some -- some showed up from as far as boise, idaho. here's what they said. >> it was so special. being back and being able to come back, shows the resiliency the team has. really. >> everyone coming together and obviously matching up. we don't have the best players. but we have the best team. >> i think is the greatest day on earth. >> i was here in 2010. we're also happy to be back again. we thought it was a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity.
8:48 am
>> i'm sure that's how a lot of fans are feeling today. >> back out here live, you can see a lot -- you can see a live look. you can see the orange and black here today. big screens are ready to go. in terms of the weather, it's a little bit chilly. the drizzle went akroy. but so far, fans are getting ready to get this parade started. wireless companies are getting ready for the big crowds in san francisco. at&t and verizon both adding temporarily wireless towers. they want to prevent the -- they want to prevent a repeat of the last of the world series. a lot of people can't make calms. ktvu will have complete coverage of the parade and -- heather homes and ken wayne
8:49 am
will be at the civic center. we'll have cameras everywhere or live reporters at each of the yellow dots you see there on the map. our coverage begins at 10:30 this morning. both on air and at you can watch it live on our mobile apps. 8:48. we have new video of the man arrested on charges of vandalizing a bus during last week's celebration. police released this mugshot of the 22-year-old suspect, gregory tyler of san francisco. he's been booked on felony vandalism and injuring destroying -- destroying this. san francisco's police chief called it a senseless act of
8:50 am
destruction. the family of a pilot killed in a 2011 plane crash is filing a lawsuit against the builders of the tower that the family said. energy systems, they say, purposely -- purposely built the meteorological tower to avoid communication errors. federal law requires the towers taller than 200 feet be painted in bright colors and this one was just two feet shorter than that. it's bying written by one of the riders of the hbo hit
8:51 am
show newsroom. well, two of the most popular -- of the movie companies will be joining forces. george lucas signed a $4 billion deal. disney says current employees will be staying at their current locations. even not marin county ranches are not included in the sale. lucas says the sale will allow him to trouble and so will knowing his home will be safe. the last star wars movie came out in 2005. kathleen kennedy has been named executive producer for the first new star wars movie. george lucas won't be directly involved but he has agreed to be a creative consultant for disney. a lot of halloween eventing it on throughout the day today. starting this morning at 9:30,
8:52 am
the habitat children's museum in berkeley, they will hold the not-too-spooky event. all right. 8:51. in about two hours, the giants' parade will begin. people are rush -- people are rushing to get there by train.
8:53 am
mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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8:55 am
a lot of giants fans from the south bay who want to take b.a.r.t. to the big victory parade. they are doing so from the fremont station. that's where janine de la vega is right now. so what is it like, janine? >> it's a very festive atmosphere. we've seen a lot of people wearing black and orange in their world series championships. a lot of panda hats out here. they are all coming here to catch the train to san francisco. we just checked with transit officials an all 60 b.a.r.t. trains are running on time. they are coming every 15 to 20 minute us. and they are packed with the giants fans. b.a.r.t. is encouraging everyone to buy the tickets. >> there was no way i was gonna
8:56 am
drive. we looked at train stations an schedules yesterday. >> reporter: are you excited to get up there? >> i can't wait. >> reporter: transit officials say 522,000 people used b.a.r.t. the last time there was a parade two years ago and they are expecting the same day. back out here drive, i want to mention that b.a.r.t. frills say the parking lots around here are absolutely -- officials say the parking notes -- parking lots around here are absolutely full. they suggest having somebody drop you off. again, round-trip tickets are being sole here. you can see people in the distance walking into the fremont b.a.r.t. station but a lot of excitement. fans just can't get to get up to the city and watch the parade and welcome home their team. i will take it from there. we'll be talking about the -- about the traffic getting into
8:57 am
the this moring it's still heavy. this is a live look at the people who are already at the corner near new good morning. long market street will be closed officially at 9:30, if not a little bit sooner and obviously a lot of people there. when you get there realize a lot of the spots are taken and you want to walk up to the civic ent center. let's talk about the bay bridge o'. i -- bay bridge toll plaza. i think it's improved on the westbound commute. not as much traffic as there was -- if you are driving or are gonna watch the parade, you can see the yellow dots on the maps. we have you covered here if you want to watch the parade or on let's go back to steve. >> thank you.
8:58 am
well, cloudy to may not get to san jose until recally in the morning, the better. >> out of here troy -- out of hoar you this, and then it looks like the 80s this on sun. >> thank you, steve. >> any time. >> that's our report. we'll have complete coverage from the beginning -- from -- from the beginning of it today. >> our coverage begins at 10:30 this morning, both on air and at we will see you later.
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